Stay super-skinny like Victoria Beckham

Learn how to embrace your body shape and you’ll feel better

Ex-Spice Girl working as fashion designer Victoria Beckham and a mum of 4 beautiful children, this woman keeps her fans wondering:

How does she manage to keep that perfect thin body?!!


How to maintain a Size 0 – “Posh” Secret

Running obsession

Victoria Beckham revealed that her secret to maintain her super-skinny physique is “Running”. Victoria also told the UK’s Daily Mail that she runs “‘four, five miles every day on the treadmill.”

A strict diet discipline

Victoria Beckham admits she tries to eat healthy foods and is vigilant about portion size reports Samantha Chang. Try to have a diet low in fat and calories.


After having her fourth baby, Victoria Beckham stuck to a strenuous exercise regime under the guidance of celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson, whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Cheryl Cole and Madonna. So maybe you should do the same and find out someone to help you get YOUR perfect shape. But here is the most important tip: “Your body shape is the right body shape!!”. Learn how to embrace your body shape and you’ll feel better.

Victoria beckham skinny photos

Stay super-skinny like Victoria Beckham 1

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  1. i had 7 children i am still a size 6 .i mainly control my weight with my physical job and eating fresh food controlling food treats .

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